Technology plays a major role in events and conferences and is unfortunately also one of the least understood. Making sure you get what you need to deliver your message the way you envision can be difficult without a complete grasp of how it all fits together.

Having a single point of call for all things technical is essential. Audio, projection, lighting, stage and camera crews need to function as a unit and be working towards the goals you have for your event. A technical director becomes your advocate and can coordinate the technical side of your production so you can focus on putting on a memorable event.

Experience is what counts when in comes to technology in events and that’s why you should have a seasoned professional on your team who speaks the language and takes responsibility. We will consult with you to determine your needs and provide insight on how to best use the latest technology to make it happen.

We are there with you at every stage from pre-produciton planning though to show day. Don’t leave the technical side of your event up to chance, HIPPO media will ensure it is a success.

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